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Over 36 years of Manufacturing Excellence.

Our Story

Since 1987, when Zander Fine Chocolates opened their first confectionery factory, the secret of their success has been their one-of-a-kind chocolate blends, which cover dried fruits and nut centers of the highest quality.


Zander® Fine Chocolates offers Premium Confections designed to excel in the retail environment. The company brings over 36 years of chocolate manufacturing excellence to create this exceptional line of confections. Favorite items including almonds, raspberry almond crunch bark, and espresso beans are coated in premium milk and dark chocolate for an exceptional taste experience.

Zander® Fine Chocolates brings a rich tradition of confectionery manufacturing expertise, is HACCP certified, and uses a special “old fashioned” panning process, ensuring consistent quality and extraordinary taste.
Zander® Fine Chocolates Line Offers Several Chocolate Panned & Enrobed Items:
Available in 4oz and 7oz bags
Available in 4oz bags
Available in 4oz and 7oz bags
Available in 4oz and 7oz bags

Panned to Perfection


Zander Fine Chocolates

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